Measure velocity with
Simple Time Tracker Report
for Jira Cloud

Do you want to know where your team spent their time in sprint and who works better? We will show you simple and easily understood reports which help you figure out the productivity of your development process.


How it Works


Simple to Use

This product is created for standard Agile Scrum flow, you don’t need to set up a special flow or adapt it to our reports.

Discus and start sprint

Just fill a sprint with any issues that you want.

Track time

Use the standard “Log work” tool in Jira.


How much bugs cost you?

It provides a visual representation of a sprint's spent time by issue type. It gives you an opportunity to understand where you time leaks off and compare time sprint by sprint. For example:

How much bugs cost

You can see how much time in the sprint was spent on bugs.

Know changes

You can compare statistics sprint by sprint, and see changes in dynamic.


Team efficiency

We give you an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of every person and calculate how much every issue costs the business.

How much one feature costs you

Easy to calculate cost of any issues, bugs, or other issue types in sprint.

Team player impact

You will see the impact of each team player for every issue.


Email notification

You can get a report after each sprint closes, just add emails to the delivery list, and we will send you a letter with a short report.

Report is always on hand

You can work with reports anywhere, anytime.

Share It

You can easily share this report, just forward it.

More Features


Work with any issue types

System will automatically build reports by the issue type you have. For example: you can add the “Deploy” issue type, and we will show you how much time you spent on this issue type.

Collapsible sub-tasks

All sub-tasks are collapsed to the main task, but you still have the opportunity to evaluate every sub-task separately.

Email report management

We have a simple settings page, where you can easily add or remove emails which will get a sprint report.

Simple access

After the sprint closes, you will have an email in your inbox. It will tell you about the sprint, team players, and show you a comparison with the previous sprint.

Contact / Support

Get In Touch

Please, write to us if you need information or help while using our product or, if you have questions or suggestions.

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